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Multigage Test Piece

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Multigage test piece RP 02 200

The multigage test piece for regularly monitoring CMM, provided with simple dimensional standards, is suitable for carrying out the monitoring of the probe system on a setting ring and a precision sphere in accordance with standards and to test the scanning function with the Flick standard as well as the longitudinal measuring errors of the axises according to DIN EN ISO 10360 with gage blocks 50 and 400.


  • simple to use
  • conforms to standards
  • flexible attachment of dimensional standards
  • low calibration costs
  • can be used on all CMM
  • quick availability
  • solid construction
  • expandable
  • simple to transport
  • good value for money

icon Feature 35°

Solid aluminium holder with connections for

  • setting ring Ø 50
  • precision ceramic sphere Ø 30
  • Flick standard (precision cylinder ø 50 with two flat polished sections of 5 µm and 250 µm).
  • parallel gage block 50 and parallel gage block 400

Review features

  • probe system
  • scanning behaviour of the probe system
  • CMM as a form measuring machine
  • linear measuring errors

icon Special Feature

Multigage-Test-Piece with parallelgage block 50, 100, 200, 300 and 400mm

Multigage-Test-Piece with mounting bracket

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  • Multigage test pieces
  • Transport and storage containers
  • Calibration
  • additional ceramic calibration sphere
  • additional parallel gage block 300, 200, 100mm with holder
  • special holder
  • The software can be created by the user or obtained from the CMM.